Our mission is to support the community of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts in the Ottawa and Outaouais region. Provide continuing education to club members and the public to empasize the importance and relevance of these animals in our global biosphere. We are a community group that understands the perception humans towards reptiles that has a long history in the realm of folk lore, religion and science. The history is long and complex and the human relationship to our natural world is one that we always endevour to discover. Our goal is to assist human understanding of these unique animals that have survived the tests of time. May that journey never end.

The association is a club of herpetoculturalists, of all ages. Our founder was the late Mike Ranking, Assistant Curator of Herpetology at the Canadian Museum of Nature who along with friends and compatriots which included passionate pet keepers and dedicated field naturalists, began meeting regularly do discuss field work, public perception and husbandry techniques for maintaining various species. Since 1983 our members have volunteered for research and conservation projects and set up educational displays. Our public displays are by invitation only and have been featured in many of Ottawa's shopping malls, other community groups in public and private institutions.

Become an OARA member. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month. It's a bricks and mortar club with a small board to help keep the club functioning. Paid members will receive the monthly newsletter, Chorus, in the mail. Members can also write articles on their herpetological and herpetocultural experiences. Being a paid member is also a demonstrable way of making you voice heard. The OARA has on occasion has been invited to speak with the media and taken the opportunity to meet with legislators and we look forward to further public participation.
 Being a member is to be recognized as a responsible hobbyist. We agree to follow, to the best of our ability to adhere to the procedure under a set of standard operating protocols.
 There is room for everyone and all input is welcome such as coordinating field trip, speaking engagements, attending and hosting some of the most civilized meetings on the planet. It's a very rewarding experiance.
 The OARA is also a proud member of the Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs.

To become a member we offer the classic old traditional style of membership application. Download the form and send a cheque to the treasurer. While everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and events, an OARA membership entitles you to the following benefits: A subscription to Chorus, the club's newsletter, published 10 times a year. An annual membership costs $20 per household ($8 for students). Send a cheque, payable to "Ottawa Amphibian and Reptile Association", along with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address, to the following address:

Bob Olson, PO Box 26,North Augusta ON K0G 1R0

Application forms can be viewed and downloaded here:
English http://www.ottawaherps.com/docs/brochure_oara_en.pdf
French  http://www.ottawaherps.com/docs/brochure_oara_fr.pdf

Club news, events and  meeting locations are announced in Chorus and Face Book. We also have other events such as a going out for dinner before the monthly meeting, an annual Christmas party and BBQ in June. We will also assist in car pooling and arranging rides to the meetings as they are held at a members home at various location throughout the city and region.

We are on Face Book

OARA is always willing and able to assist where we can. We have well established long term relationships with many herp related businesses and institutions. We answer all emails and are more than willing to speak with media when asked.


Media contact club President Anthony Sinn Email: serpentbreath1@gmail.com

The OARA is always willing to assist the if you need advice, referrals or help re homing we are  there to help.

Email: The Ottawa Amphibian and Reptile Association
One of the greatest pleasures of club activity is sharing our herp photos, from club field trips and members travels. Join our Flickr group!  
OARA is on Youtube. Members can upload videos of field trips, husbandry techniques and animals

The OARA thanks the Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo for the years of unending support.

Visit our booth. We are available to assist our Ottawa friends. Members can use the OARA table for ad space as well as using Chorus.

The OARA endorses HerperPro management System. An essential part of reptile husbandry.

Click to visit CanHerp.com

Canherp is a grass roots organization to represent the interests of responsible Canadian reptile and amphibian keepers.
Canherp is a professional organization that demonstrates to the public that it's members uphold a series of best management practices and standard operating procedures. It is to take responsibility for our hobby and activities.

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We are available Tuesday to Friday from 2PM to 8:00PM,
Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5:00PM.

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